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The Parochial Church Council decided at their January 2019 meeting to form an Events Committee to coordinate the booking and organisation of events in the church (additional to divine worship, our ministry for children and other events initiated by Vision Committee). Its inaugural meeting was held later that month and we met again in February, when terms of reference and membership were proposed; they were agreed at the March PCC meeting.

There is a core membership of:

Mary Piers (chairing), Helen Griffiths, Lorraine Bryan Brown, Denise Walker* and David Walker (clerking), with others coopted or invited from within or outside the PCC for assistance and advice on specific events.

*Not member of the PCC

Terms of Reference

The Events Committee reports to the PCC. Essentially, the committee is a source of information and support, not taking over from organisers of individual events. The Committee is responsible to the PCC for:- Planning, supporting and publicising concerts and exhibitions in or for the church to bring more people into the building. Encouraging use of the church building and grounds for promoting community life in North Curry. Assisting Vision Committee in developing a pattern of ‘Event’ worship to bring in people on the fringe of the Church. Ensuring events are self-supporting financially or achieved within an agreed budget. It will be noted from this that the committee’s main function is not fundraising, rather community development. If the PCC, other Committees or individual organisers wish to refer events to the committee, we are happy to help: just ask!

Correct as at 19 April 2019



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