North Curry Parish Church



David Akerman Churchwarden
Mary Piers, Churchwarden
Tom Jeanes, Deputy Churchwarden
Rob Ellis, Treasurer
Helen Griffiths, PCC Secretary

Terms of Reference

The Standing Committee has the power to transact the business of the PCC between meetings subject to any directions given by the PCC.

  • It is authorised to sanction expenditure up to £500,
  • Meetings of the Standing Committee can be convened by the Chairman by giving at least 2 days' notice of the matter(s) for discussion.
  • The meeting is quorate if 5 members are present.
  • No other matter can be decided on at the meeting.
  • The outcome of the meeting must be notified to the full PCC in writing as soon as possible after the meeting.


The PCC must appoint a Standing Committee of at least five people (the Parish Priest and Churchwardens are members ex-officio; the PCC must appoint at least another two PCC members).


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