North Curry Parish Church


(Revised title for Worship Mission and Outreach Committee)



Rev'd John Tyler
Lorraine Bryan-Brown
Janet Dare
Mary Piers
Judith Hincks*
Jenny Satchwell
Ralph Roberts
Sue Foster*
Laura Campo*
David Walker


*Not members of the PCC


Terms of Reference

The Committee is responsible to the PCC for

  • keeping under review all aspects of our worship services and events and to recommend changes to the PCC on how best to meet the needs of the congregation and encourage others to join.
  • Discussing and planning ways in which we can help promote and support the life and work of the church in the community and more widely.
  • Other matters, as referred to it by the PCC.

The Committee will meet at least twice a year.


This committee subsumes the previous worship/outreach/church development.



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