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The church often receives donations of money for general purposes or to help meet a specific need such as the new sound system or roof repairs.  This note sets out the procedure to be followed when such donations are made or to help you answer a query from a prospective donor.

All donations should be sent to the Treasurer, Geoff Golder

His contact details are:

2 Barton Way,
North Curry
Tel 01823 491446

Cheques should be made payable to North Curry PCC

Geoff Golder will give relevant bank details to make a payment electronically.

If applicable, donors should be asked to complete a Gift Aid declaration setting out

  • their full name
  • their home address
  • the name of the charity (St Peter and St Paul's Church - North Curry PCC)
  • the amount of the donation,
  • and say that it's a Gift Aid donation

This will enable us to reclaim the tax and so maximise the gift.


The Treasurer will inform the Vicar and PCC Secretary when he has received a donation. The Vicar will acknowledge all donations (except those given at weddings and funerals and other such events in the church) using a standard letter that does not mention the amount, except in obvious cases where a non standard letter is essential.

Gift Day

Donations made specifically on Gift Day, normally held around the time of Harvest Festival, are subject to the same general guidance.


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