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There is widespread recognition that our church life needs to develop and grow.

This inevitably involves change but change needs to be handled with great sensitivity and with respect for the diverse traditions within our Church family.  The Parish system which has served the church so well for so long with one Priest for one Parish is gone forever.  We simply do not have the option of staying as we were and continuing in the same way.  There is a real need to seek what God wants from his church in our Benefice now and in the future.

The Parochial Church Councils, PCCs for short, have been meeting and praying to try to develop an idea under God's guidance of the kind of Benefice that our Benefice should be. The Mission Action Plan seeks to outline how we might work towards becoming that kind of Benefice. It does not seek to impose or change what has been happening in the past but rather seeks to build on the good work that is already being done in the parishes. The intention is not to rush to do many things all at once, but rather to choose priorities and do a few things and do them well before we try to move on to the next stage.

The plan is evolving out of many conversations with different people within the Benefice as they have shared their hopes for our Church life.  The hope is that this plan can provide a unifying focus for all our energies and help us all work together to help develop the ministry and mission of our Benefice.

The plan is focused over a five-year period.  We need to make sure we do not try to change too much too quickly, remembering that this plan seeks to build on what we are already doing.  Over such a time span inevitably new opportunities can open up and priorities change. Therefore the plan remains in draft form reminding us to remain open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Nevertheless we hope this plan offers a good starting point and will help us move forward together into a new and exciting chapter in the life of our four churches.

We would like you to be part of these conversations, please read the plan for yourself.  We would like you to pass your thoughts and any comments to any PCC member -

Ralph Roberts
updated August 2019

Mission Statement

Be a warm friendly and inclusive Church of individuals, all with a common purpose, growing our spiritual lives in the service of God's will.

Be faithful in worship as a Church Family and aspire to be more dynamic and out going.

Move forward through fellowship, training, teaching and the development of pastoral care.

Bring Christ's reconciliation, blessings and message to every part of our community by the witness of our daily lives and the warmth of our support for others, especially those who are suffering, lonely or lost.

How to read the Mission Action Plan

Each section of the plan focuses on a different area of our Church Life and there is a statement of our overall aim within that sphere or activity. Within each section are a maximum of five projects/tasks to be achieved over the five years of the plan - a PCC Action Group will be responsible for the projects within each sphere. The possible actions listed are just some of the ideas suggested during the drawing up of the Mission Action Plan; other ideas will also be considered. Those actions listed are to give some indication of the ideas being explored but it will be for the PCC to decide after full consultation of all concerned which actions are actually followed up.

A Learning Community - Nurture

PURPOSE: To know God more clearly, to love God more dearly, to follow God more nearly

DESIRE: A varied programme of nurture from cradle to grave

Aims and Possible Actions

  1. Develop Home Groups
    Training for leaders
    Integrate groups into life of Church (eg (House Group Sunday)
  2. Review Children's & Youth Work
    Appoint co-ordinators for youth and children's work
    Development of new opportunities
    Develop children's spirituality
    Links with school term services, assembly time, Open the Book programme, etc.1.   Considerable progress has been made with assemblies ,open the book across the benefice ,Messy Church each half term. School children are encouraged, and some are learning to ring the bells and have brought their parents too.


  3. Promote Bible Study
    Appoint new co-ordinator for Study Notes
    Promote greater use of Study Notes
    Adopt a book of the Bible for study on Sundays during Ordinary Time
    Bible Reading Fellowship. Private Study and occasional meetings
  4. Develop Study Days
    On topical themes (eg Climate change, Medical
    ethics, etc aimed at community not just church folk
  5. Develop Short Courses
    Linked to seasons eg Lent & Advent on specific faith themes (eg Creeds, Healing, etc). We have at least two six week courses lead by the parish churches in North Curry and in Stoke and including friends from the Baptist church.
    Promote beyond regular attenders
    Accessing Knowledge - finding a curriculum perhaps from Bath and Wells
    Finding other methods of communication - see the section on Communication.

A Caring Community - Pastoral

PURPOSE: To be signs of God's love, care and healing

DESIRE: To provide pastoral support, being alongside people in their moments of need

Aims and Possible Actions

  1. Develop support groups
    Select and train Pastoral Assistants
    Review prayer support networks
  2. Develop class or group system for pastoral oversight of members of congregation & enliven links with occasional contacts - linked to Back to Church Sunday
  3. Develop ministry to housebound
    Enhance ministry at residential homes for church members no longer able to attend
    Wider system for home communion
    Keeping an eye on and visiting the vulnerable
    Appointing a person to be responsible for sending cards to those who are ill or troubled
  4. Develop ways to reach out to people on the fringe
    Flower arranging day with an instructor
  5. Funeral aftercare

A Sharing Community - Communications

PURPOSE: To enable God's good news to be heard

DESIRE: To raise the profile of the work of the Church among both its members and the wider community

Aims and Possible Actions

  1. Establish a communications team
    To include media contact person
    To include a webmaster
  2. Design, create and run a new parish website
    Linked to developing a 'brand image'
    Linked to better use of e-communications
    To include systems to ensure site is kept regularly updated
  3. Improve signage and information display
    Exploring locations around churches and in the villages
    Better use of Post Office/shop windows
  4. Review use of print media
    A revised Church Parish magazine has been prepared, distrubuted free throughout the Parish and includes the use of a colour.  Engaging with other news and clubs and school within the village.
    Welcome packs
    Brighten the Bulletin
  5. Respond to developing technologies
    Use of audio visual technology within life of the Church
    Use of text, email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs
    Keeping up to date with latest developments
    Involving the school pupils to train church members in the use of new media.

A Giving Community - Financial Resource

PURPOSE: To provide sufficient resources for our mission and ministry

DESIRE: Generous, well stewarded giving, motivated by a commitment to the mission and ministry of the Church

Aims and Possible Actions

  1. Church Development Campaign
    Establish Vision budget to fund resources for training (worship, pastoral, baptism)
    Invest in communications
    Invest in mission & outreach (eg giving a Bible to families at Baptism)
  2. Ongoing stewardship
    Develop ways of drawing new folk into stewardship. A planned giving campaign throughout the parish has not only improved the income and cash flow but also it involves three times as many people . 
    Keep the congregation informed about church finances. The treasurer often writes updates within our magazine and church notices.
  3. Develop fundraising
    To support new signage, noticeboards, etc
    To support developments in technology
    To support on-going upgrades of buildings
  4. Capital fundraising
    To address major repairs. A major programme of works is underway to complete the works identified in the  2016 quinquennial report. This work is funded by grants, lottery, donations  and by improved planned giving.
    To address major building developments

A Rooted Community - Building Resources

PURPOSE: To provide appropriate bases for local mission and ministry

DESIRE: Well-used flexible buildings at the heart of community life

Aims and Possible Actions

  1. A buildings review
    In the light of the Mission Action Plan what spaces do we need and why?
    Improve our existing buildings to make better use of what we have.  Increasingly the church is used for concerts, weekly coffee mornings in the summer and the village hall is used for the monthly produce market.




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