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What is planned giving?

Planned Giving, by standing order, is a regular charitable payment (or pledge) to the church.

This type of giving to the church is an important and integral aspect of the church finances.

The majority of our income comes through gift donations through the planned giving scheme.

Donation pledges by standing order are easier to manager and administer, both for you and us.

How much to Give?

There is no obligation to give anything, but others in our diocese give around £50/month.

But you are free to contribute any gift amount you feel able - be it £5/month or to £100/month.

Payments do not have to be monthly, they can be quarterly, half yearly or yearly.

However, we do recommend monthly, as its easier to budget for most individuals, and assured regular pledges assist us greatly in paying the monthly overheads of the church.

Regular planned giving can also attract tax gift aid to the church, enabling us to boost your donation by 25%


All gifts are given in confidence -

Please contact our Treasurer for the appropriate forms to complete, and to discuss your giving pledge.





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