North Curry Parish Church

From 15th October, Dawson Steeplejacks will be in town to..

..make vital roof repairs to the tower - just in time before all the Autumnal rain starts to pour down.

Russian Concert Choir - back on 21st October, not for a full concert, but

as part of their day off, they will join in with the Evensong service. Please join us for a vocal night extravaganza!

Planned Giving and Financial Awareness display information now in the church

Over the coming weeks, more information on the church's finances will be on show.

Much excitement for all accountants in North Curry!

Our vicar Tricia, will hopefully be back around 23rd October

We wish her a speedy and full recovery.  In her absence, should you need anything, please contact Mary or David Akerman.  The treasurer will endeavour to sort out the magazine ... so that should be fun! 


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